Welcome to Back to Balance, a health and wellness centre offering a range of holistic therapies to help treat pain, reduce stress, and find balance in your health and wellbeing.

The centre offers a range of therapies to restore your health and wellbeing including osteopathy, intuitive wellness therapy, intuitive healing, reflexology, a range of massage techniques, Bach flower remedies, acupuncture, and kinesiology taping techniques.

We recognise that painful back and necks and shoulders or hips, may come with components of stress or anxiety, and that stress or anxiety may be underpinned by painful musculoskeletal conditions.  At Back to Balance we aim to deliver exceptional treatment in a calm and nurturing environment, with tailored treatment to ensure you achieve the best results for your condition.

We offer treatment to everyone from desk based workers, production line staff, sports people whether full time or weekend warriors, stay at home mums or dads as well as people enjoying their retirement who may be experiencing problems with their posture, repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis, whiplash or headaches from tension.

Challenging work situations, relationship breakdown and chronic illness can cause stress and emotional strain  – we understand there are many sources.  At Back to Balance you can be guaranteed that your health and wellbeing is paramount and with a collaborative client centred approach your whole needs can be addressed within the centre.

Our clients are not just based in Newcastle, Gateshead and the surrounding areas, but also internationally.  Whilst our body work therapies need you to be there in person, our energy and intuitive therapies and Bach remedies can take place via Skype or telephone.


– I went to Nicky the  first time because I was curious and needed help to find out why I was not feeling ok with me. I thought it was an easy fix and that she could fix it for me. But it wasn’t, I had to do the work to  help myself. Nicky  asks the hard question  to help you  peel back  the layers. To do this you need to trust her and that’s what I feel with her- complete trust. She seems to know me more than I know myself and has helped me understand and accept myself but most importantly she has helped me forgive the past.

Maria, Malaysia

In March 2014 I was unfortunately involved in a small accident which resulted in acute trauma in my left femur.  I visited accident and emergency where there was an expectation my femur would be fractured due to the severity of the swelling in my upper leg.  After several hours, lots of morphine and an X ray I was discharged with the diagnosis of soft tissue damage.  The advice given to me was to rest my leg for a couple of days then I needed to start moving it again.  I was given very low level pain killers and a set of crutches to help me on my way with the advice not to become too dependent on them.

Several days later the pain in my leg was so severe like nothing I have ever endured in my life.  To cut a long story short this resulted in me going back to A & E but they refused to X ray my leg again. The treatment was to give me lots of morphine and to have a discussion around having an operation on my leg to remove a haematoma.  Several hours later I was discharged, given some ‘tramadol’ pain killers and the diagnosis of a compression injury.

I was referred to the NHS physiotherapist but unfortunately due to how stretched the NHS is these days it was going to be a 4- 6 week wait.  In the mean time I had seen several GPs and the prognosis was quite grim indicating I may never be able to use my leg properly ever again.  I was advised of an approximate 6 months wait for an operation which would involve removing a portion of my quad muscle which would have calcified by then and I would never get full movement back in my leg.

On hearing this I felt that this can’t be my only option as I live a very active life I enjoy physical activities such as hill walking, running, weight lifting and a passion for martial arts in particular kick boxing. It was suggested to me by a family member to visit an osteopath to see if there were able to help.

I visited Claire who got to work on me straight away using a wide range of holistic and complementary treatments.  With her fantastic advice, support and extensive knowledge of the body and commitment to getting me active again I was starting to gain movement in my leg in a very short period of time.

After regular input and treatment from Claire I am really pleased to say 18 months later I have full use of my leg again. (No need for an operation)  There is now no evidence of my leg being in such acute trauma.  With the regular treatment and therapy from Claire I am back to living a full active life style and recently graduated in my black belt 2nd Dan in Kick boxing.  I believe I would not have achieved this or able to navigate a simple stair case if it wasn’t for the committed treatment and skills Claire dedicated to me.  Through Claire’s excellent knowledge and therapy I believe she has saved not only my leg but my life style and emotional wellbeing too.

So in a nut shell I would recommend Claire and her osteopathy treatment to the highest level.  Don’t suffer in pain or be dragged in to treatment of strong pain killers and please don’t always take what some health care professionals have to say about muscular skeletal issues for final say.  Go and make an appointment with Claire who is honest, friendly, professional, extremely passionate and committed to making a difference in getting people well again.

Thanks Claire

Stu Rouse