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a health and wellness centre offering a range of holistic therapies to help treat pain, reduce stress, and find balance in your health and wellbeing.

The centre offers a range of therapies to restore your health and wellbeing including osteopathy, intuitive wellness therapy, intuitive healing, reflexology, a range of massage techniques, Bach flower remedies, acupuncture, and kinesiology taping techniques.

What we offer

Welcome to Back to Balance. We are a holistic health and wellness centre like no other in the North East of England. Our holistic approach is deeply embedded in every therapy, treatment, programme, class and workshop that we offer. Our authenticity is a vital element of what makes us different from other practices and centres. The practitioners at Back to Balance have trained and worked in holistic health and wellbeing since the mid‑1990s, long before ‘health and wellbeing’ became associated with gyms and health centres or were considered in the workplace. You can be sure that we use well‑established, effective practices and treatments.

With our team of practitioners, therapists and teachers, we have combined our extensive experience and knowledge to establish a centre that offers a diverse range of holistic therapies to help treat pain, reduce stress, and find balance in every aspect of your life.

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We understand that physical strain such as back, neck, shoulder and hip pain is often exacerbated and sometimes caused by a hectic lifestyle, stress or anxiety; and painful musculoskeletal conditions can, in turn, cause stress and anxiety. We also know that challenging work situations, relationship breakdown and chronic illness can cause stress and emotional strain, so here at Back to Balance your physical and emotional wellbeing are equally important to us.

Our holistic treatments, therapies and classes are delivered by our expert team who have been handpicked to ensure that you receive the best care from passionate and trusted practitioners, therapists and teachers. This collaborative, client-centred approach means that we can take care of all your needs within our Newcastle-based centre, and we tailor our treatments to suit you, ensuring the best results for your condition or problem.

We offer a range of services including therapeutic reflexologyspecialised massage techniques, osteopathy, neurokinetic and movement therapy, intuitive energy healing, Bach flower remedies, and eating therapy. Our treatments are perfectly complemented by our programme of meditation, Pilates and yoga classes to ensure we provide our clients the opportunity to be taken through a complete healing and rehabilitation journey under one roof. Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for a new class to join, you can do so without having any prior treatment with us.

The loyalty of our clients goes a long way to demonstrate our strong reputation and the trust that we have established in long-term client relationships. For example, following setting up our centre in Newcastle, our existing clients from around the world have chosen to continue working with us via Skype and telephone consultations rather than finding an alternative local therapist. Therefore, unlike many centres, we offer Skype and telephone

“I would recommend Claire and her osteopathy treatment to the highest level”

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