The Mindful Leaders Retreat


Unplug from the demands of daily life and press pause on the pressures of business to reconnect with your inner self, find balance and become the stand out leader in your field…

Learn the secrets to Mindful 21st Century Leadership, so that you become happier at work and improve your team’s productivity without sacrificing more time with your family.

Maybe you feel stressed and overwhelmed with all of your spinning plates.

Maybe your work impacts your home life and you spend your evenings thinking about the office, which is affecting family life and friendships.

Maybe you haven’t had the time to use that gym membership you bought 4 months ago and 8 hours sleep is a distant memory.

With our list of to-dos’ ever increasing, it is no wonder that we are constantly looking for shortcuts. We find ourselves multitasking, skipping or working through meals, lessening sleep and being connected to our laptop and our phones 24/7. Of course, none of these ‘shortcuts’ work in the long term, and none are sustainable over the long haul. This constant spinning hamster wheel leads to stress, which can lead to both physical and psychological problems.

  • 77% of leaders regularly experience physical symptoms due to stress and overwhelm. (
  • 73% of leaders regularly experience psychological symptoms due to stress and overwhelm. (
  • And these numbers are predicted to rise in 2019.

Back to Balance and Carly Richards Consultancies are pulling together their expertise in wellbeing and leadership to combat these issues right here in the North East, by helping you to become a more Mindful Leader for 2019.

Why Mindful Leadership?

A Mindful Leader is a well rounded, balanced, emotionally intelligent individual who is in tune with themselves and those around them. Studies show that these individuals are not only improving their own lives, but improving the lives of their teams and increasing productivity and turnover at the same time.

Companies such as Google have been implementing mindful leadership programs over the past few years and have experienced results such as an increase in productivity, decision-making and listening, as well as a reduction in stress levels from both leaders and their teams.

The Harvard Business Review found that mindful leaders become less reactive and more responsive, which in turn affects many other skills, such as regulating emotions, empathizing with others, increasing focus, resilience, and empathy. They concluded that mindful leadership creates a positive company culture which ultimately improves the bottom line.

Neuroscientific research tells us that we can cultivate and strengthen our mind’s capacities to make us more resilient, flexible and develop the qualities of a mindful leader in order to develop ourselves, improve our lives and grow our businesses. So it pays to be a mindful leader.


Why Us?

Back to Balance is the North East’s leading wellness centre. Directors Claire Hawes and Nicky Robertson are committed to helping you find balance in your health and wellbeing. Claire is an osteopath who has worked in health improvement for almost 20 years both as an osteopath and in mental healthcare. She demonstrates that good physical health and posture has a huge beneficial impact on emotional well-being and confidence.

Nicky began her career in South Africa and is known for her East meets West approach. With over 20 years experience in her field she’s qualified in a range of wellness therapies and mindfulness, the importance of which is only just beginning to be recognised in business.

Carly Richards is a Business Psychology Consultant working with leaders and teams to unlock potential, improve performance and create a happier culture. She has 15 years experience working in healthcare, mental health and business development.


Welcome to the first Leadership Retreat of its kind, here in the North East.

The Mindful Leaders Retreat combines science, physiology and holistic therapies to create a complete package allowing space for creative problem solving, planning and a space to recharge.

To provide the best direction, inspiration and guidance, effective leadership requires highly effective, self-aware individuals. This first of its kind retreat is designed to give you an in-depth experience of mindful individual living and leadership. You will be given the space to explore your thinking and behavioural style, what’s important to you, where you’re going and how you want to create impact in your business, for your team, for your family and for yourself.

We’ve created an inspiring program combining mind, body and spirit, delivered over 4 days, spread across 2019.

Day 1 – The Mindful Individual (April 6th 9:30am – 4:30pm)

Being a leader can be a stressful. In fact, stress seems to come as part of the deal! But stress, when it’s not managed properly, can prevent you from being the leader you want to be, causing anxiety and burnout. It’s vital you manage stress and the negative downsides to leadership, so you can clear away the blocks in the road. This will be the focus of day one.

  • Begin the day with the thought provoking work by identifying with who you are as a leader right now, the type of leader you want to be and how to get there
  • Explore the potential personal pitfalls to successful leadership and ways to overcome them
  • Find ways to reduce the stress, anxiety and burnout associated with being a leader
  • Gain insight into the physiology of stress, and how to reduce the impact it has on the body
  • Finish the day with some mindful leadership meditation to send you into a deep relaxation and recharge your batteries


Day 2 – The Positive Leader (Beginning of June, date to be confirmed)

Once you’ve cleared the blocks in the road it’s time to focus on you as a positive leader. How do you perform in your leadership role? How can we improve that performance? Day two is devoted to improving your performance, introducing you to new methods of self-care, growing your confidence and giving you the space to see a clearer path to being the leader you want to be.


Day 3 – The Compassionate Leader (Beginning of September, date to be confirmed)

Workplace wellbeing is of huge importance in our ever demanding world. On day three we begin to look at aspects of your team and their own wellbeing, to ensure they can perform at their best. We’ll explore fears at this point and overcome the dreaded Impostor Complex faced by you or your team. Using the learnings so far, you’ll leave day three a more compassionate leader.


Day 4 – The Grateful Leader (Beginning of November, date ot be confirmed)

Now that you’re able to lead with compassion, day four will turn your attention to leading with gratitude and consider ways to create a culture of happiness in your business. By exploring how your presence affects your team you will become more intune and connected to them. We’ll take a final look into developing your leaders-esteem even further, and complete our retreat with learning gratitude practice.



Regular Price per day is £350 each. We’re offering the first workshop for a special one off £175. You’ll get a massive half price discount, in exchange for your feedback.

We’re committed to providing the best retreats in the North East and need your feedback in order to achieve that. We want to ensure that what we’re providing is tailored to what you need.

This retreat will be offered on a first come, first served basis as we only have a maximum of 15 spots available. We expect this to get booked up quickly so please book asap to avoid disappointment.

Book all four workshops for £1150, saving £250!

Payment plans are available upon request. Minimum deposit required.

**We do encourage you to attend all four days to achieve maximum benefit and maximum discount. However, if there is a particular day you are interested in, we are happy to take individual day bookings.


Here’s what previous clients have to say…

“Working with Carly was a transformative experience. Her expertise in various areas really helped me grow my business exponentially.

When we began, I was in a bad business partnership, I was working about 18 hours per day, I had no employees, and was BARELY making ends meet. While I originally hired Carly for her knowledge in work-life balance and how to create successful, healthy work habits, I quickly realized that she had tremendous knowledge far outside of that.

After working with her I now have a team of 4 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees, I have quadrupled our monthly revenue, I am able to take 3 nights per week off and occasionally a full weekend day (previously no time off), I have a strong, healthy team, and I have been able to really enhance my leadership skills.

I am SO grateful for all of Carly’s support, compassion, attention, and meticulous goal-setting activities. Without her, I absolutely would not have been able to achieve this level of success.”

Payge – CEO Blooming Pixels Creative

“I made an appointment and went to see Claire and I explained about the problems I had been having with my jaw and asked her if there was anything that could be done.

I found Claire’s knowledge and passion for her profession to be astounding and felt very relaxed and calm throughout the treatment.

Since receiving treatment and on-going treatment from Claire there has been a considerable improvement, which I wouldn’t have thought possible before going to see her.”

Natalie, Company Director

“I have come to think of Back to Balance as a necessary project that is an antidote for the stresses so prevalent in today’s unbalanced world. If I had the influence and authority I would recommend that every private and charitable organisation and all public bodies should have Back to Balance as part of their human resource and well-being systems.” 

Richard, University Lecturer

“I find you have been extremely easy to talk to, highly professional, which has made explaining my back spasm easier. You have explained every step of the treatment to me and itemised various muscles and ligaments which have caused this long-standing problem.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone Claire.”

Norma, retired office manager


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