Mindfulness and Meditation

Benefits of meditation are:

  • Helps you feel centred and grounded so you can cope with stress and anxiety better
  • Helps you find ease and peace when dealing with traumatic situations.
  • Improves your sense of wellbeing
  • Makes you and those around you happier
  • Increases your sense of acceptance
  • Improves body functions and increases immunity
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Slows ageing
  • Improves your attention span
  • Helps you to appreciate life more
  • Helps you cope with chronic pain


Each class consists of:

Understanding mindfulness and how to practice it daily.

Take home tools and techniques to help you stay mindful, deepen your meditation practice and increase your connection to self-acceptance, self-worth and self- love.

Meditation- we will try out different meditations practices to see which one works best for you.

Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothing and bring an extra jumper along in case you feel cold when meditating. Make sure to bring a pillow with to sit on. If you find it difficult to sit on the floor when meditating, please let us know when you make you booking so we can provide a chair for you.

£10 per class or £50 per 6 class pass for 1 hour sessions.

Classes are every Thursday from 6pm-7pm

We also offer 1:1 mindfulness and meditation sessions at £45 per hour, please enquire by calling or emailing us.  

1st Thursday of every month

Metta – Loving Kindness Meditation

Old Pali language Metta means love (in non-romantic sense), friendliness or kindness, hence ‘loving kindness’ meditation. Through the practice of Metta, we cultivate loving kindness in our hearts and extend this love and compassion to ourselves and those around us.

Benefits of Practicing Metta

· Increases positive emotions such as love, joy, contentment, gratitude, pride, hope and interest

· Decreases migraines and chronic pain

· Decreases PTSD

· Improves empathy and emotional processing

· Increases compassion and decreases bias towards others

· Increases social connection

· Improves self-esteem and self-love

· Curbs self-criticism

2nd Thursday of every month


Our breath is the most regulating, restorative, rebalancing and healing tool we have available. Through connecting with the breath, we are able to bring ourselves into our now present moment so we can meet life’s moments in a centered and peaceful way.

In these classes we explore different breathwork techniques and develop the awareness of how each technique supports our healing journey.

Some of the techniques we will work with are:

· Breathwork for fear and anxiety

· Regulating emotions through breathwork

· Balancing body functions

· Balancing energy levels

· Opening the heart space through breath

· Reducing pain through breathwork

· Letting go and forgiveness through breathwork

· Quietening the voice of the inner critic through breathwork

3rd Thursday of every month

Connecting with our Inner Self

In these classes we start to shift our awareness away from the stress of our busy lives and minds as we connect to our inner self.

Through contemplation meditations we develop an understanding of who we authentically are. Through this connection we are able to connect to our power and wisdom, which guides us through life’s decisions and holds us safely through life’s challenges.

As we develop this relationship with our inner self, we develop an understanding that this power and wisdom is our divine birth right and with that knowledge, we learn to honour, love and accept ourselves.

4th Thursday of every month


In these classes we mindfully cultivate an awareness of our:

1. Internal environment as we notice our thoughts, emotions and triggered responses to stimuli.

2. External environment as we notice how we respond and react to our environment when we are being triggered.

3. We explore the interactions between the internal and external environments.

4. We deepen our awareness of our physical self, emotional self and energetic self.

5th Thursday of every month (18:00)

Chakra Balancing

In these classes we work on balancing the chakras through breathwork, visualisation and meditation.

We have seven main chakras in the body. They are wheels or disks of energy that feed ‘our body our vital energy’. When the chakras are vibrating at the correct frequency we will experience optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health. But when they are out of alignment, we will notice this in our body.

In these classes we will work on clearing and rebalancing our chakras so we can experience holistic wellness.

June, Beginner Meditator

Meditation Class is so welcoming. Relaxing and uplifting or calming and rejuvenating. If you have time to spare it is probably the best thing you can do to be kind to your spirit or inner being. In this hectic busy world, it is a means of lifting your energy and wellbeing.  It has helped me to cope with grief after my husband died.  The guru’s voice is hypnotic in a lovely way. The place is a lovely place to be and it keeps me coming back

Lynsey, Customer Service Accounts Co-ordinator 

I decided to join Nicky’s meditation class not because I wanted to learn how to relax more, I am already good at that now because of many previous visits to Back to Balance, but because I wanted to be better equipped to deal with whatever life will inevitably throw at me. It’s not all about sitting still and quiet in a room, it’s so much more. Nicky’s wonderful readings, teachings and guidance are helping me become a better person. Each class has a theme, coupled with a complimentary meditation and I always leave feeling like I have learnt something new. It’s quite simply my favourite hour of the week.

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