Therapeutic Reflexology

Therapeutic Reflexology improves nerve stimulation and blood circulation in the body and brings the body into balance and restores health by applying pressure or massage on the reflex points in the hands and feet. 

Further information:

It is not completely clear where therapeutic reflexology started but its roots can be traced as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. The vast majority of illnesses today can be attributed to stress. Stress causes restriction in the body, impeding blood supply and nerve impulse to the organs. Due to this poor circulation the body is not able to remove toxic build-up around the tissue. These toxins flood the surrounding tissues causing you to become ill. By massaging the nerve endings, therapeutic reflexology stimulates the nerves sending messages to the brain. The brain either responds by sending a stimulating message to the organ (if the organ is under active), or a calming message to the organ (if the organ is overactive). Blood circulation around the organ is also improved which allows for the drainage of toxins and the renewal of damaged cells. Energy levels increase and you start to feel healthy again.

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