Sports Therapy is a part of healthcare that helps with musculoskeletal problems, such as imbalances, acute and chronic muscle pains, rehabilitation.  

It is also a well known tool used by athletes that assists during recovery and enhances performance.  

However, It is important to remember that anyone can benefit from Sports Therapy. You do not have to be an athlete to suffer from a muscular pain, but you can still benefit from Sports massage. 

Sports therapists use a combination of various skills and therapeutic modalities. It could be Sports Massage, PNF Stretching, Strapping and Taping and Rehab Ladder which give a wide range of possible options for an optimal treatment session. 

What do you do during the Sports Therapy session? 

-Sports therapists use a combination of exercises, sports massage and stretches to help you out restoring normal range of motion, get rid of muscular pain or assist in injury rehabilitation. 

I am not an athlete. I tend to spend a lot of time in my chair. Will Sports Therapy help me? 

-Yes, it will.You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from Sports Therapy treatments. Office based jobs sometimes injure us more than the workout in the gym.  

I heard from my friend that sports massage is very painful. Is this true? 

-Sports massage can be a little bit painful, but we always make sure that the pressure is comfortable enough for you. 

Do I need to do anything after the session? 

-Depending on your needs we could give specific exercises or stretches to perform that will help you with problem. We also recommend to keep massaged area warm and drink plenty of water. 

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