Pilates 1hour (beginners/improvers) 16:15 and 18:15 – ongoing weekly classes.  Sarah WilkinsonPrices


Manifest The Life You Want – the Reunion (1.5hrs)  £15
8th May 2019 17:30
Nicky Robertson 

Breathing For Wellbeing Course (1hr) £20
Part 1: 28th May 18:00
Part 2:  11th June 18:00
All welcome, bring a notebook and pen.

We enter life with a breath and leave life with a breath.  Our breath is the most healing, restorative, regenerative and rebalancing tool we have, yet so few of us know how to use our breath effectively.  As we try to get by and cope with our fast paced modern lives, we are losing focus of the simple healing gift we can give to ourselves by just connecting to our breath.

Through the breath, we are able to master fear, heal illness and experience the divine within us.

In this 2-part course you will explore the breath and how to breathe properly.  By exploring different breathwork techniques you will learn to regulate emotions, improve health, rebalance body functions and find stillness within the mind.
Taoist Master believes that “A man’s bodily decline is always due to the decline of the breath”.
Join our classes to learn how to breathe effectively so you can reclaim your wellbeing.
Nicky Robertson

Weight No More (1.5hrs) FREE
Hypnotherapy workshop
2nd July 17:30

Learn To Say NO! – motivational talk (1hr) £10
16th July 18:00
Nicky Robertson

Getting Motivated- motivational talk (1hr) £10
1st October 2019 18:00
Nicky Robertson

What’s My Purpose – motivational talk (1hr) £10
15th October 2019 18:00
Nicky Robertson

Manifest The Life You Want (1.5hrs) £45
Part 1:  5th November 2019 17:30
Part 2: 12th November 2019 17:30
Part 3: 19th November 2019 17:30


Chakra Balancing Course – 7 weeks (1hr)  £70
Starting 15th May 2019 18:00
Open to all, bring a notepad and pen, wear loose clothing

Chakras are the wheels/disks of energy that feed our body with vital energy.  We have seven main chakras which are positioned through the body from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head.  Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency and governs specific organ function.  Each chakra also holds a specific set of emotional patterns.

When chakras are balanced and in alignment with one another, you will experience optimal health in your physical, emotional and spiritual self.

In this 7 week course you will learn how to clean and rebalance each of the 7 chakras, as well as develop an understanding of what each chakra’s function is and how it supports your wellbeing.

Through awareness and visualisation techniques you will develop a deeper understanding of who you authentically are, and what your thought patterns and emotions are as you learn how to keep your chakras in balance.
Nicky Robertson

Foundation Course in Mindfulness and Meditation – 6 weeks (1hr) £60
25th September – 30th October 2019
Nicky Robertson


Lunchtime Express Pilates (45mins) 12:00 and 13:00 starting from 2nd May 2019 ongoing weekly classes Floriane Rodriguez Prices

Mindfulness and Meditation (beginners/intermediate) (1 hour) 18:00 – ongoing weekly classes with a theme depending on the week in the month – look here to see what is on: Mindfulness and Meditation  Nicky Robertson Prices

Kundalini Yoga (1 hour) 19:15 – ongoing weekly classes (strict booking in place for this class – please phone to reserve your space)
Devajeet Kaur  Prices

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