Pilates 1hour (beginners/improvers) 16:15 and 18:15 – ongoing weekly classes.  Sarah WilkinsonPrices


FREE taster Manifesting The Life You Want session 17:30 (1 hour) Nicky Robertson Tuesday 15th January
New year, new you! This free class will give you insight into how you think and feel about your goals and take a look at why some of them are not being achieved. Through visualisation meditations you will connect to the creator within you so you can manifest the life you want.

Manifesting The Life You Want Workshop (2 parts) £30 Nicky Robertson
Tuesday 29th January 17:30 (1.5 hours)
Tuesday 12th February 17:30 (1.5 hours)
In these workshops you will work on on creating a clear vision and focus on manifesting the life you want. You will learn to understand your mindset and how it programmes you for failure or success and what your relationship to theses to factors are. Knowing that you will be able to attract everything you want in your life easily and effortlessly.
You will learn what your limiting beliefs are and how to overcome them and most importantly you will connect to your sense of self worth- ” I am worthy of having this amazing, healthy, happy and abundant life!”
During the classes we will be looking at the ‘Law of Attraction’, the power of your thoughts and the power the words you use. We will use different meditation techniques to help you connect to the co-creator in you who is able to manifest easily as well as dispel limiting beliefs around abundance.


FREE taster session Mindfulness and Meditation Course 18:00 (1 hour) Wednesday 9th January Nicky Robertson
Are you unsure about what mindfulness and mediation involves? Would you like to try a free session to help you decide whether this is the course for you?
With each class you learn mindful practices, breathwork and meditation techniques to help you still your mind and create peacefulness in your life.

Mindfulness and Meditation Course – 8 weeks (1 hour) £70 Nicky Robertson
Starting Wednesday 30th January
This 8 week mindfulness and meditation foundation course is ideal for beginners to intermediate level meditators.
The sessions include teaching, meditations and handouts and cover the following subjects:
Week 1. Grounding
~ How grounding improves your body’s physical, emotional and energetic capabilities.
~ The importance of grounding in learning to still the mind.
~ Breathwork and meditations to help you stay grounded.
Week 2. Cleansing
~ The importance of cleansing as blockages lead to dis-ease and illness within your physical, mental and spiritual self
~Breathwork techniques to help cleanse the body and mind.
Week 3. Mindful Breathing
~ You will learn how breath can heal and restore your well-being.
~You will learn breathwork techniques to release emotional blocks that are triggering stress signals in your body.
Week 4 and 5. Cultivating Awareness through Mindfulness and Meditation.
~Understand what your distractions are and why you struggle to be present.
~ You will learn different mindful techniques to help develop your awareness so you can stay present.
Week 6. The Art of Allowing.
~ Understanding drama/trauma/chaos and how it affects our lives.
~ Learn to stay unattached when triggers arise.
~ Understanding impermanence and how all emotional states that arise can shift with this understanding
Week 7. Cultivating a Compassionate Mind.
~Understand what compassion is and how to stay compassionate when triggered.
~Explore shifts in your compassion mindset towards different situations
Week 8. Be in Flow.
~We bring all the training and tools form the previous 7 weeks together so that you can create a peaceful flow within your mind to deepen your meditation practice.


Lunchtime Express Pilates (45mins) 12:15 – ongoing weekly classes starting Thursday 10th January Floriane Rodriguez Prices

Mindfulness and Meditation (beginners/intermediate) (1 hour) 18:00 – ongoing weekly classes starting Thursday 10th January Nicky Robertson Prices

Kundalini Yoga (1 hour) 19:15 – ongoing weekly classes starting Thursday 10th January Dev Ajeet Kaur Prices


The Foundations of Pilates – beginners workshop (2 hours) £30 Sarah Wilkinson
Saturday 19th January 10:00
Saturday 9th March 10:00

Do you want to build a stronger, leaner, healthier, more flexible body free from postural aches and pains?
Then try our Pilates workshop and learn how to:
• train your body to adopt correct posture and strengthen deep postural muscles to protect and support your spine.
• strengthen and engage deep core muscles that can protect your back from injury.
• move more effectively every day
• improve neck and shoulder pain by creating stability in the pelvis and the shoulders.
• use your deep core muscles to make your other workouts more effective and safer.
• strengthen your pelvic floor (vital for men as well as women – men have pelvic floor muscles too!)
• strengthen and tighten the body’s own built-in corset, the Transverse Abdominis and other core muscles that are often neglected and cause problems.
• breathe effectively and in alignment with your body’s system to reduce anxiety, stress and tension.
• deepen your connection with and understand your body better than ever before.
In this workshop you will learn the key principles Pilates, how and why Pilates was developed and how it is a method that everyone can benefit from.
By the end of the workshop you’ll feel energised yet relaxed and you’ll be ready to join our classes with a sound understanding of what Pilates is and how to do many of the foundation exercises.



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